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As always, Spectrale bringing us another differentiated experience. This is a very interesting experience and I really enjoyed it. But overall, it was a unique experience.

Jungwon’s about to answer when the events of tonight flash in his mind like a YouTube video in 1.50 speed, and he feels warmth rushing to his cheeks despite the chill in the air. As expected, the drink stations are hogged. The frat boys gathered around the tables don’t intend to leave, so Jungwon bites back another sigh as he looks for the kitchen instead. He pushes through people talking, dancing, and laughing aloud, mumbling his excuse me’s and coming through’s as he squeezes himself through backs, arms, waists, and chests.

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He doesn’t say anything at all, elvish-shaped eyes doing the talking as they dot all over Jungwon’s face as if the answer could be found in it. Jungwon has the weird urge to wash his face. It’d be so easy to just turn towards the sink, splash some cold water to his face, just so he knows his blood isn’t just circulating all over it, hence making him feel squirmy under the collar. He promptly ignores the mild throbbing beginning to start in his head with a dismissive handwave, and pauses when he realizes something. He looks around for the tissues and the wipes he’d gotten earlier, when Snow White hums his consent and offers out a hand. Jungwon feels for his nose, expecting it to start dripping something red and hot from his nostrils.

He’s a lot less incoherent than he was inside, which Jungwon counts as a small win. That meant there would be no puking that will have to happen tonight. Maybe that little Jay revelation helped sober him up; it sure as hell did Jungwon.

Sunghoon at least tries to look sheepish while Jake chuckles at them. He briefly glances at them before he returns to their friends at the cashier, and then he lets out the same startled sound he did when he first looked at Jungwon last night. At that moment, all four heads turn towards the door. Jungwon momentarily praises whoever in the bunch leads them to a table obstructing the view from the doorway with a shelf decked in trinkets and accessories. “This place, is it exclusively for Epsilon Nu members?

” and the entire galaxy shimmering right in his eyes as Jungwon clutches his nose, whimpering like he got socked in the stomach. As he picks up a red solo cup from the stands, Jungwon’s mind inevitably drifts to his test. That test is my last chance at passing Philosophy, he thinks, all while he fills his cup with one of the dispensers’ alcohol. They come out in a color he can’t tell, as the lights around make it difficult for him to.

Gary Lowder and Smokin’ Hot Band at Kirkley HotelGary Lowder and Smokin’ Hot Band at Kirkley Hotel

The bathroom seems to be straight out of the minimalist hotel kind, which is probably unusual for a frat house. Even Jungwon was pleasantly shocked when he first saw this bathroom, which Jay had boasted of how valued cleanliness is within this part of the house. Jungwon sees a trio dressed like professors in the autumn season, and he’s bitterly reminded once again of his Tuesday test. He lets out a sigh, opting to leave Riki who’s socializing after putting his phone away, and heads to the drinks station. The police button-up bounces with each firm step he takes, and he smiles or bends his head down when brothers and Epsilon Nu members wave or acknowledge his presence. Well, that’s what it looks like on the daily, but the lounge Jungwon sees is decked with streamers, red cups at the ready on plastic chairs and tables, and boomboxes in the center.

He trudges towards the waiting area currently empty of customers, but doesn’t order yet. Instead, he pauses in his walk and leans his head to the side, trying to see if he could reach where Jay and his date are seated at. When he catches a glimpse of Jay’s bucket hat and back to him, Jungwon nods to himself before turning towards the barista at the cashier. With that, he turns around and heads to the shortcut of his and Jay’s dormitory, waving goodbye to Jake and Sunghoon.

He and Riki exchange greetings with the recruit, who doesn’t really stay long and leaves with a see you around, Jay-hyung! To which Jay responds with a friendly wave. It’s not an ideal way of ending the weekend, but he sure as hell would take it than wear something ridiculous like a police officer’s outfit. It’s a nice summer day and this girl has decided to go with friends to h…

A normal roommate and friend would excuse themselves to leave his other friend with his friends. A normal roommate and friend wouldn’t try to put fuel to the fire just for the shits and giggles. And out of nowhere, like something had just started flickering in his head, Jungwon cocks his head to the side, squinting down at this Jakey and Hoon duo. He’s struck with the feeling that he’s seen them at some point last night, but the drinks he had must’ve done quite a number of him because he’s coming up blank. ” the commercial model teases, and leans behind the untamed hair one’s back to give Jay a shove. Jay ends up having some pasta from across him and they engage in idle conversation.

The remaining bits of his rationality know he’s quickly becoming tipsy, but he really can’t stop himself, not when there’s still so much more left in the drinks. Whoever made this shit up is a goddamn genius. Jungwon should look for Jay and ask who made these once he’s done refilling his cup. Jungwon is not proud that he immediately zones out as the minutes draw by, but with how Riki has his head crouched beside him, playing what seems to be a game of tennis, he knows he isn’t alone. He can hear people around them mumbling and clacking cups here and there, out of respect for Kibum who is doing a great job engaging with the crowd in the front. Jungwon tries to suppress a snort from his best friend’s antics.

Jungwon does not care about strangers’ perspectives on him. They stay by the side of the dispensers, Snow White finally nursing his first cup of the night, and Jungwon holding a cup of his own. He doesn’t try to take big gulps of it anymore, taking it easy as Snow White rambles on and on about how much of a hassle it was to get his outfit done in the last minute. Snow White pauses, Jungwon following, and when they look at each other, Snow White smiles like sunshine. ” he yells out, eyes crinkling as he motions his entire getup with some flair. The action elicits a smile out of Jungwon he’s unaware of.

He pulls his phone out from the breast pocket of his pajama top, opening up a map of sorts for Jungwon to see. Jungwon makes a show of clearing his throat, and when Jakey and Hoon stop to look at him, he leans towards the table like he were about to whisper a secret. He boldly casts a glance on Jay, whose eyes have gone wide and is slowly shaking his head as if they were in a suspense movie. Jungwon takes another bite out of his mini pancakes, flipping a page on his notebook. Much of the words and the concepts don’t make sense to him, but he reads them anyway, making sure he doesn’t miss a thing.

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